Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Dylan Mulvaney

A standard symbol set designed for use with all United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs maps.

Over 120 standard symbols across 14 categories distributed as a digital typeface for OCHA cartographers to use worldwide.

The colours and boldness of imagery is what brought me to these and also my interest in simple colourful design as well.

This typeface was designed for the Manhattan Magazine premiere issue.
How the colours have been overlayed to create different letter forms drew me to this as this is what I have been experimenting in my work at the moment for James Pages CD design but instead im overlaying colour to create patterns.

Johnson Banks

I discovered this designer on my all time favourite paper cut panic where I pratically find everything but anyway from searching around Johnson Banks website which is really difficult to navigate round and focus on the links etc I was able to find some great design this is one that caught my eye first.....

This was for the rebranding of Blackpool Pleasure beach and I just love how the type and the meaning of the word fits into the movement of the rollercoaster not only is the image great but the stretched type moving down each time as the ride moves just works really well.

The Art Fund was another rebranding project for the National Art Fund not only did the brightness of the colour on the dark background attract me but how the hearts disbursed out around the logo to create a unique image taking the simple shape of heart and making it their own.

I think this is a fantastic idea! Johnson Banks decided to run their own Johnson Banks post office at the V&A where they had a stall over the summer.
So taking the word 'send a letter' they die cutted letters from the alphabet out of cardboard where people set letters to them as a postcard, I think this is a really clever idea taking the phrase send a letter and turning the letter into an actual letter type to send....its one of those that you wish you thought you did.

This was a project to sell London to buisnesses around the world. They created a skyline as a reflection and the other skyline of all the other possible things you can do in London, what drew my attention to this was the plain simple imagery with the bold colour added with simple white text, the simple design is effective and is eyecatching its true in what they say less is more, I like how he has made the design really uncomplicated but still so effective because it shows quite clear what London has to offer.

I am Ciara

Optical Illusions - James Page CD design

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Leeds Shopping Bag Research

To get some inspiration for the Leeds Shopping Bag design I looked on flickr where I looked at Typographic with Illustration and events and objects that related to Christmas.
I found some really effective designs which sparked me for some ideas.
I wanted to focus on a simple but bold design for this as I thought this would be something that would stand out espcially to be seen on material shopping bag.

I first thought I would do something typographic based but thought it would be to plain for a shopping bag people want something to keep and find attractive because it is a material bag they arent going to throw it away like a plastic bag.