Friday, 4 June 2010


Throughout my Final Major Project I feel that I have improved a lot. From looking at my previous design work over the years my skills have progressed and I have learnt to focus on a more professional level.

My experimentation and idea generation has improved alot I think this is down to the design context by researching subjects that I am really interested and enjoy doing this has helped to progress with design work with this inspiration. Categorising my research into headings has helped me refer back to it for inspiration and also helped for the design for my context posters.

I feel that the briefs that I have chosen suit me well and my specialist area and I have felt confident with what I was producing. The time plan on my briefs varied some short some long but I still kept going back to each one maybe spending more time on others which was probably as it sometimes put me behind with some briefs.

I have never really expanded any of my briefs before in the past so doing it for my Final Major Project was something that I enjoyed doing because it felt like my designs fitted somewhere in context in the real world. I really feel like I have picked up and got really into my FMP my organisation and planning work has improved and I plan weeks in advance of what needs to be done. My crafting skills I have also taken alot more care and perfecting my products in the way of printing and presenting.

I really feel that I have worked hard and stepped up abit from the last module and experimented with my designs. The strengths that I would say for my briefs would be the documentation of development and process and also applying it to different products and objects. The weaknesses I would say that I could probably pushed a few briefs forward in the way of design.

Throughout this module It has really helped to receive feedback off my piers and taking their advice on my work as well as the tutors advice its been good to get a range of opinions to help develop and progress with my work.




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Creative Advertising: Ideas and Techniques from the World's Best Campaigns (Paperback) – Author Mario Pricken. Publisher: Thames & Hudson; Revised edition edition (26 May 2008) Language English

Hand Job: A Catalog of Type by Michael Perry (Paperback - 1 Oct 2007)

New Typographic Design by Roger Fawcett-Tang and David Jury (Paperback - 9 April 2007)

Gotcha!: Art of Billboard Advertising by Wai Yew (Hardcover - Sep 1991)

Guerrilla Advertising: Unconventional Brand Communication by Gavin Lucas and Mike Dorrian (Paperback - 10 July 2006)

Advertising is Dead: Long Live Advertising! by Tom Himpe and Will Collin (Paperback - 8 Sep 2008)

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Design Context Layouts

So there has been a change of plan with how to display my Design Context, I am no longer presenting my research in a long book. I thought about how I could get my specialist area across properly by showing it as well as talking about it. So I thought about doing A2 posters double sided so it demonstrates my interest of large scale they will also be back to back.
One side being the research and the other side a chosen piece of my work that works along side the reasearch which im showing on the other side.
I then thought about the name of the book and thought about how posters are used and how they are used here are a few things that I came up with:

- Pin it
- Roll it
- Paste it
- Tack it

I would have four posters for each chapter

- Large Scale Advertising
- Type in Advertising
- Experimental Typography
- Interviews

These will each be individually rolled put into four postal tubes each labelled to the correct subject and chapter.

I think my Design Context Book presenting it this way demonstrates my interest of large scale well my doing individual posters.


Look Book

Here I have been looking at existing fashion looks books from the website it has given me a lot of different ideas for layouts, type and format of book. When looking through some of the look books I have focussed on where the image lies in the photograph so I can think about where I can lay the information and where the branding can go on each page. It has also given me some ideas for the front cover whether to keep it just type or to use both type and image I think to have that professional clean look I think it just needs to keep to being typographic. I have also had the idea of adding type to some of the layouts in the book and how I could do this with out overpowering the image when this is meant to be the main focus.