Thursday, 28 January 2010

Female Figure

Looking at my research I have noticed that the majority of drink advertisement's are focused around the woman's body and sexual attraction. I have decided to look at the female figure and work with this as a type of communication for the theme flirtatious.

I have looked at different types of figures focusing on the pose, and stance and how it can be looked at as attractive.

'Sexy Type' by Airside's Malika Favre - Creative Review Blog

Robert McGinnis paints for Stella Artois - Creative Review Blog

The alcohol drink Stella Artois is created with a 60s authentic, vintage style focusing on the female figure as the main focus for the promotion. The agency turned to illustrator Robert McGinnis, who created classic posters for films including Breakfast At Tiffany's and Barbarella, as well as Bond movies Live And Let Die and Thunderball. I will be looking at his other poster designs to look at the style used and choice of typography and imagery used for inspiration.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sailor Jerrys

Looking at the designs for Sailor Jerry's the main focus of the designs is the women figure looking and acting provocatively, it takes the idea from looking at a pin up girl but in a more sexual manner. I think the imagery of the Sailor Jerry's girls is what men would be attracted to not really ideal for women as such.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Bacardi Advertisments

Again from looking on Behance these Bacardi adverts focus on the female figure but as well with colour and fruits to create an exotic feeling and to represent the taste there is also illustration used in the designs.

Coca Cola

With the idea that I had of using liquid to create an effect with the typeface to represent Bacardi, and for it to pour out of the bottle. I came across the Coca Cola adverts who have done something fairly similar it shows an explosion which I think is focusing on the taste. The illustration and effects used on this illustration are really detailed and look very professional my favourite one is the bottom image with the explosion and bubbles it makes the image look quite realistic.


Whilst searching for typography that created a flirtatious look I came across the website called 'For the love of type' and 'eat me daily'. I also went on to looking at handmade typefaces using food and liquids etc which I have found to be quite visually interesting and work well on a large scale they also look very unique.

Shown above this image creates a very flirtatious look due to the flow of line and curveatious letter shape. This is something I would like to focus and incorporate in my designs as I think it sends out the right message demonstrated in type.

These two images were created with mulberrys and the juice from them, I think this is really effective and different material to experiment with this is something I would like to look into maybe using water to show Bacardi and to form a letter form.

I also found typography drawn onto the female figure which I think creates a good sexual connection to the viewer this relates well with the artists work Billy de Vorss and Peter driben of the pin up girls for the flirt magazine.

The image shown above of the type created using liquid is something that I wanted to look into doing.

This typeface shown below was created with splashing milk by the designer Jónas Valtýsson he did this by photgraphing it.

This typeface was created with letter ice cubes creating a clean cut shape. The typeface works well on a large scale creating a high impact image. Again I think experimenting with materials to create a typeface works better then a vectored type but I think this depends on what you are designing for and where the design is going to be situated.

Using false eyelashes a typeface was created. Using the eyelashes makes a legiable letter form. I think by using objects or items to create type makes the image or design more creative and visually appealing.

Flirt - Billy de Vorss and Peter driben

These images focus on the female figure as a pin up showing them as a sexual object to have a connection with the viewer.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Drink Advertisments

From looking at Behance I was looking at a few drink advertisments that I found interesting and what caught my eye because of their use of colour and use of imagery to convey a message that fits well with my brief.

The image shown above, I like how a pattern and shape has formed to create an image of a chanderlier out of wine glasses. Compared to other alcohol advertisiments this is very unique and a very different approach. To me its showing the wine to be something that is clean and fresh.

This image, is quite alike to other drink advertisiments where they use alot of bottles or fruit in liquid. I do think its visually appealing but I think more could have been done with it to get the message across visually.

The effect used over the top of this image I think takes the quality of the image away, the image below I think works better to promote the drink better then the one above. I like the use of the fruit dropping into the liquid it creates a fresh and mouth watering look. I think if this was the main focus this could really well as an outdoor advert.