Thursday, 25 February 2010

Women's features

Here are a few photos taken from Getty images, I would like to do something like this myself creating a set of photographic images to show as flirtatious posters. I think the feature of the mouth is quite a flirtatious feature to the woman as well as the eyes.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Evaluation of Research and Design Development

From looking at some of the typefaces that I have identified as an inspiration to me, I have decided to create a set of my own typefaces going on what the male audience found sexy and flirtatious. Focussing on objects that are sexual to a males point of view, to start with I will be looking at women's lingerie and how this can be used to create a typeface. I also want to develop this by using photography and taking photographs of lingerie.

Using photography I would like to go back to looking at women's body parts and features again but this time looking at the mouth and looking at different positions of the mouth in a flirtatious manner. To develop from this I want to go on to creating a typeface from my own lipstick marks.

Typefaces made with objects and the human figure

Here I have looked at type created using objects and the human figure. It has given me inspiration to expand and follow my ideas with the typefaces I will be creating to show a flirtatious theme. I have come to realise that the the weight of line is important in this process.

Vogue August 1940 front cover

Legttering - Behance

By Smart Head and Red Keds.

Ariana Page Russe


Friday, 5 February 2010

Jack Vettriano

Vettriano is another fine artist that is also quite relative in what I am looking at and the message that I am trying to convey 'flirtatious'.
I found a few images on this blog
These images give off quite a provocative vibe towards the viewer again his work is mostly focused around the female figure, like I analysed before with Robert McGinnis work its based on the attitude and pose that makes the viewer has a relationship with the image making the image intriguing to look at.

Robert McGinnis

Here is some work that I have looked it by Robert McGinnis, the majority of his work focuses on women looking at their pose and attitude that they hold. The work he produces
is movie posters and paper book covers.

Above: Kooky kitsch—Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole, How to Steal a Million

Above: Portrait of Raquel Welch for The Biggest Bundle of Them All

These movie art posters are designed with the style of a comic book with the particular colours and shading used.

Thunderball (1965) - McGinnis 007

Casino Royale (1967) - McGinnis 009

Saturday Evening Post, "Kitten On A Trampoline" (1961) - McGinnis 016

The reason for choosing these particular images because they have a good representation to what I have been developing my ideas and designs buy looking at the female figure as something that is attractive to appeal to the male audience to promote a particular object or item, and how this is all to do with how the women holds herself in the image to do with her pose.

Evaluation of Research and Design Development

From the research that I have collected and the women's leg typeface that I have created its starting to have a particular style to it which is quite relevant to the pin up 60s girl, bond girl, and Audrey Hepburn style of artwork, like Robert McGinnis that I looked at on the Creative review blog.

His work creates a connection with the viewer which is something that I want to create so I want to carry on looking at this style of research as a starting point to develop the typeface that I have already created and go on to make a set of typefaces and start applying them to applications of promotion for Bacardi.

I have realised from one of my piers that someone has already created something quite similar to the women's leg typeface already. So using the leg typeface that I have already created I will be re interpreting it as my own by changing the design and form.