Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Research of Business Card Design - Taste of Ink Studios

This business card is for a tv producer, the concept of the design fits really well for the client with the cut out square obviously showing the shape of a television. This is a real unique and modern design, Im not to keen on the type face chosen and the colour used for the back of the card I think a brighter colour could have been used or even have kept it simple to a black.

This business card looks very classy and fashionable as well as sophisticated not only because of the style but the simple colours used. The black line running on the black is also quite effective highlighting the important information.

I really like the metal foiling on the type really draws attention to the card it also doesnt make the card look as dull. The layout of type is also good and the use of kerning to the letters.

This design looks really professional, simple and effective the block of colour used draws the attention to the eye and the rest of the detail on the card. It also has a very modern classy look and feel to it.

This design looks a very female design, classy, and decorative. The front of the card is really nice covered in a pattern using a spotgloss finish and the typeface used fits really well with the decorative design.

This business card really appealed to me because of its classic clean look. It has a modern simplistic style using a contemporary image. The spotgloss is also a good highlight to the card highlight different areas to compliment the design.

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