Friday, 5 February 2010

Evaluation of Research and Design Development

From the research that I have collected and the women's leg typeface that I have created its starting to have a particular style to it which is quite relevant to the pin up 60s girl, bond girl, and Audrey Hepburn style of artwork, like Robert McGinnis that I looked at on the Creative review blog.

His work creates a connection with the viewer which is something that I want to create so I want to carry on looking at this style of research as a starting point to develop the typeface that I have already created and go on to make a set of typefaces and start applying them to applications of promotion for Bacardi.

I have realised from one of my piers that someone has already created something quite similar to the women's leg typeface already. So using the leg typeface that I have already created I will be re interpreting it as my own by changing the design and form.

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