Thursday, 3 June 2010

Design Context Layouts

So there has been a change of plan with how to display my Design Context, I am no longer presenting my research in a long book. I thought about how I could get my specialist area across properly by showing it as well as talking about it. So I thought about doing A2 posters double sided so it demonstrates my interest of large scale they will also be back to back.
One side being the research and the other side a chosen piece of my work that works along side the reasearch which im showing on the other side.
I then thought about the name of the book and thought about how posters are used and how they are used here are a few things that I came up with:

- Pin it
- Roll it
- Paste it
- Tack it

I would have four posters for each chapter

- Large Scale Advertising
- Type in Advertising
- Experimental Typography
- Interviews

These will each be individually rolled put into four postal tubes each labelled to the correct subject and chapter.

I think my Design Context Book presenting it this way demonstrates my interest of large scale well my doing individual posters.


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