Sunday, 24 January 2010

Drink Advertisments

From looking at Behance I was looking at a few drink advertisments that I found interesting and what caught my eye because of their use of colour and use of imagery to convey a message that fits well with my brief.

The image shown above, I like how a pattern and shape has formed to create an image of a chanderlier out of wine glasses. Compared to other alcohol advertisiments this is very unique and a very different approach. To me its showing the wine to be something that is clean and fresh.

This image, is quite alike to other drink advertisiments where they use alot of bottles or fruit in liquid. I do think its visually appealing but I think more could have been done with it to get the message across visually.

The effect used over the top of this image I think takes the quality of the image away, the image below I think works better to promote the drink better then the one above. I like the use of the fruit dropping into the liquid it creates a fresh and mouth watering look. I think if this was the main focus this could really well as an outdoor advert.

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