Thursday, 28 January 2010

Female Figure

Looking at my research I have noticed that the majority of drink advertisement's are focused around the woman's body and sexual attraction. I have decided to look at the female figure and work with this as a type of communication for the theme flirtatious.

I have looked at different types of figures focusing on the pose, and stance and how it can be looked at as attractive.

'Sexy Type' by Airside's Malika Favre - Creative Review Blog

Robert McGinnis paints for Stella Artois - Creative Review Blog

The alcohol drink Stella Artois is created with a 60s authentic, vintage style focusing on the female figure as the main focus for the promotion. The agency turned to illustrator Robert McGinnis, who created classic posters for films including Breakfast At Tiffany's and Barbarella, as well as Bond movies Live And Let Die and Thunderball. I will be looking at his other poster designs to look at the style used and choice of typography and imagery used for inspiration.

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