Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cold Cathode/Neon Light

In relation to my Bacardi brief where I made a typeface to look like Neon lights I thought I could get a Cold cathode/Neon light created out of one of the letters to show what it would look like in context.

I have been in contact with a few company's that do this and recieved a few quotes from them.
I am looking to have the light as big as A3 in a clear perspex box with a red tube light.


Hi Lauren

Thanks for your enquiry
The design you would like us to manufacture is possible but to make but a little larger would be better how about 550mm square the cost for this would be £274.00 + vat
transformer (dimmable)
clear acrylic display box
P&P £30.00 + vat

Regards David

dave signature

There is a 240v plug with 1.5m lead the tubing will be 10mm the life is any thing from 20000-40000 hrs there is a variety of colours this price is for basic colours ie: white/green/blue/red we can replace any of the parts
Regards David

Quotation NO. 239421
Hi Lauren
To create a neon sign as per your design would cost
In the sum of £700.00 + Vat
Any queries please let me know.
Many thanks
Chris Bracey
Electro Signs Ltd
Tel: 020 8521 8066

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