Thursday, 22 April 2010

Design Context Crit Feedback

From the Crit I had yesterday with Justin, about the content of my research and what I have been collecting it seems to be to broad so I need to think about narrowing my sections down and have a more or a focus point.

So from talking about it in more depth still concentrating on my interests of type and advertising and promotion and large scale work. I am now going to make my research come together a bit more so it all fits so I am going to be anaylsing type within advertising and experimental type in advertising, also looking at a few successful and unsucessful advertising campaigns. This will all come from the research of looking at large scale advertising and typography. I also want to add in my interests of retail design where I will be looking at type in retail this also comes under large scale to.

Thinking about my book I have proposed an idea of a large long landscape book this is to show my interest of large scale advertising. What I will need to do about this if I do decide to go ahead with it which is more then likely I need to get the pages printed myself and get it bound.

My next step is to design some layout ideas for my book and then narrow down the important parts of my research of what I am going to include in my book to then going onto making the final layout for it.

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