Thursday, 22 April 2010

Typography in Advertising

Articles from Style magazine

This advert caught my eye in Stylist magazine. It was the large bold type and the HI in caps. Again wordplay is used to create a message that relates to the product that the advert is promoting. For example: Emphasising on the HI! to create the message of high heels making the word HI taller then the word heels.

This advert is to promote the new minimiser available in Marks and Spencer. It has used wordplay and format to create an advert that is relating to the product that it is promoting. The strapline is also a main part of this advert ‘Makes a molehill out of a mountain’ and having this small to relate to the product. The colour of this advert not only draws you in because of its brightness but it is also the Marks and Spencer colour that they use.

This image has created the name of the shoe brand which is promoting by using the two shoe laces to show this. I think this is a clever visual and like how that using the object is used to create a message.

The new grip bottle for Coca Cola situated in Paris where, an advert made out of velcro where people could interact with it.

An advert for the New York Times newspaper

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